New PreOrders from Handmade Birds

A plethora of exciting new preorders from the great Handmade Birds label, headlined by this album that you see above, which I think very few people know about. The band is Dreamless, a psychedelic metal band from Minneapolis, who also layer in elements of drone and noise to create a swirling, dizzying, heavily- textured guitar-driven assault on the senses. I hesitate to use the term 'shoegaze' because it's been so abused of late, but it certainly seems appropriate. The songs are punishing yet sorrowful, visceral yet beautiful, almost haunting, but strangely catchy. In any case, this album, All This Sorrow, All These Knives, will go down as a classic if people get their shit together. Really powerful music. Get a taste of it - go here to stream it, and you'll know fairly instantly that you must have this CD.

The two men that make up the literally amazing The Elemental Chrysalis - Chet Scott and James Woodhead - have each taken time to craft solo material for this split. The key word here, for both artists, is ritual, as the music of both men - Scott as Blood of the Black Owl, and Woodhead as At the Head of the Woods - is heavily steeped in ritual. These two men are long-time collaborators, so it's only natural for them to offer their solo material together. More info on this split CD is available here. Trust me, you won't want to miss this. Chet Scott is an amazing person, and one of the most visionary artists alive. Ditto on Mr. Woodhead. Both are amazing musicians as well, and will have new full-lengths of their respective projects coming soon.

Servile Sect's Trvth LP, also on Handmade Birds, was a great success. A stunning musical achievement, it also sold out rather quickly from the label. This cassette, titled Svrrender, is a companion piece to Trvth, and is already being heralded as their most exciting output yet. They've never once failed to impress, so this obviously gets a very high recommendation, even if I haven't heard it at all. (Hint: they also have a cassette of demos coming soon on Land of Decay.)

If you don't know who Demian Johnston is, I don't know how to help you. He's a very talented musician and artist, runs the Dead Accents label, writes the Dead Formats blog, and is basically just about everywhere, if you know where to look. Dude's got it going on. If you're not familiar with his various works, then you ought to be working to change that now, instead of reading this nonsense. (Did you read the Great Falls write-up from last week? Get that shit, it's awesome, and surprise! - it's a Demian Johnston project.). This cassette, If They Even Find Me, is limited to only 77, and won't last long at all. Honestly, I'm surprised that it's still available right now.

The guys from Servile Sect also have solo projects. Luke has Sadness Saturn, and Nate has Golden Raven. Don't know much about Golden Raven, but what I've heard of Sadness Saturn (that split CS with Utarm..., the She demo) is great. This promises to be a great split. And it's analog. Win-win.

Handmade Birds has these all up for preorder right now, and Sir Loren has done nothing but pour out great music since this label opened up shop. Get all of these if you have the $$$, but if you don't, be picky and choosey - some of these will be gone really quick, others will be gone later. But they will all eventually be gone. Get them now at the HB store.

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