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Adam Bartlett is the founder, owner and operator of Gilead Media, the manager of Offbeat Press, and co-writer and co-director of the film Dead Weight. With Gilead Media, Adam has his hands in every aspect of a release - and not out of some maniacal ego-trip, but out of creativity and inspiration. Gilead has released some of the best records of the past few years, including albums from Thou, Krallice, Ash Borer, Fell Voices, False, Barghest, and others.

Gilead Media as recently run into some trouble, by no fault of Adam's. For details, read this, and to help out, go the Gilead Store and buy some records or merch. It's ALL great and the money helps Gilead put out more great records. 


Algernon Cadwallader - Parrot Flies
This is a band I've loved for a few years now. If I did indie rock records I would've forced them to work with me on this. Off-key vocals singing, tons of guitar tapping, upbeat songs. Definitely not fall-time music, but great stuff.

Rush - A Farewell To Kings
It's hard for me to pick a favorite amongst the massive discography of RUSH, whom are easily my favorite band. A Farewell To Kings is one that I come back to constantly and love front to back, so it's probably a top contender.

Mastodon - Crack The Skye
I avoided listening to Mastodon once Blood Mountain came out. I wasn't super into that album and just gave up. Leviathan was such an epic album and I felt like Blood Mountain was such an enormous step in the wrong direction. Turns out I messed up, because Crack The Skye is one of the best records I've ever heard. I listened to this every morning at work, at least once, for two weeks straight when I finally got around to giving it a chance. What a beautiful, solid album. Even if my wife likes to mockingly sing along to make fun of some of the lyrics.

Krallice - Diotima
Gilead Media is a label that has grown right with Krallice, and that's something I'm very proud of. Diotima combines the best elements of the Dimensional Bleedthrough self-titled albums, creating one of the finest intense metal records in recent years. Ever since I first heard this I've been obsessed with listening to all three albums in a row, they mesh and flow so well together. It's like one huge conceptual journey.

The Dark Tower Audiobooks
Stephen King's long-running series changed my life and sparked my initial interest in literature. I listen through these audiobooks at least once a year. Since I began managing a screen-printing shop it has become much easier to blast through these. Anyone who hasn't at least read The Gunslinger is doing themselves a great disservice.

Young Widows - In and Out of Youth and Lightness
I heard this album was much more toned down than Old Wounds which bummed me out initially. I realized that this change in songwriting was actually a great thing after my friend Brian forced me to give a listen. This has become an album that will be high in the list of 2011's best records.

Ash Borer - Ash Borer
Probably going to be one of my top three for 2011, here. Intense and groundbreaking. I love everything these guys do and I'm happy to have worked on a project with them and Fell Voices. I can not wait to see where Ash Borer goes from here.

Ruin Lust - Demo CS
Michael of Fell Voices in a new band now that he is living in NY. Lo-fi death metal, haven't been able to take this out of the tape deck at work, unless it's to jam on Lycus.

Lycus - Demo CS
The only other tape I've had in heavy rotation lately. Sludging doom from the Oakland area. Flenser Records will be pressing a remastered version of this sold out CS on vinyl, I can't wait!

Loss - Despond
I heard a lot about this new album, but it took me a few months to check it out. I messed up, because this is one of the best doom records I've ever heard. Creates an incredible atmosphere, the songs mesh together amazingly, great production, and cool art. There is nothing I can find about this album that I don't like. The opening spoken word rules and the guest vocals from the guy in Pallbearer are even better. Incredible.

Absu - Abzu
Another band I sort of avoided listening to, but mostly because it was so terribly hyped up that it destroyed my interest. Over Halloween weekend I was at Reckless Records on Milwaukee Ave. in Chicago and found a copy there with a blurb written by a guy named Matt Jencik. It told the story of Absu's Proscriptor trying out for Slayer and being turned down because he was too into the occult. That description combined with comparisons to the more fantasy-ish aspects of Rush piqued my interested. So glad I gave it a chance. Actually picked this up alongside Absu, but this one grabbed my attention much more.

Neurosis - Through Silver In Blood
Nothing better to listen to this time of year. "Rehumanize" is the best noisy-interludey type thing I've ever heard, blows me away on every listen. I actually jammed this on headphones while walking home from work on Friday night in the dark during a cold rain. It was perfect, and I probably looked crazier than I normally do. I can't help but really get into this record every time I hear it. But specifically during this time of year in Wisconsin.

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