Playlist: Josh Lay

Josh Lay is a noise artist from Kentucky. He has a number of solo recordings that have been released by labels that include Urashima, Peasant Majik, Sentient Recognition Archive, Phage Tapes, and Small Doses. He has collaborated with the likes of Teeth Collection, PBK, Wyatt Howland, and Altar of Flies, and he is also a member of Swamp Horse. Together with Swamp Horse bandmate Morgan Rankin, he runs Husk Records. For more information, visit


-Dan Hall and James P. Keeler - Variations double cassette... I am beyond happy to have snagged one of these double cassette boxes from the masters of decayed depression/Noise bottom dwellers James and Dan, aka Wilt on the OR/CO label. ONLY 10 NUMBERED COPIES!.... These cassettes are a collection of their work from 2004-2010 using only acoustic guitar and magnetic tape. Really shows another side of Wilt, but stays in the same zone. Awesome.

-PBK - Fenton Road Beast cassette... I can't say enough about the always impressive, and evolving sound exploration of Phillip B. Klinger, or PBK. This guy has been destroying the norm and pushing genres into new and unsafe realms for about as long as I have been alive. This cassette is another document of his sound alchemy. Psyched out, grim, and awesome, all in one cassette from Banned Production.

-Regosphere - Gutter Swarm cassette... More awesome material from Andrew Q. I am never let down by this dude. As the face of Dumpsterscore Home Recordings, and Regosphere, he has a way of creating an atmosphere of loss and being dissolved slowly by acid. As of late, cooking up some really sexy movie soundtrack material as well. Comes in a nice bulky and beautiful vhs style case thanks to Phage Tapes. 

-Clandestine Blaze - Falling Monuments cd/lp... So goooood. Finland does it man Black Metal is THE only way, unless your band has something new to offer to the Black Metal genre, which you usually do not. The best BM is always some weirdo working out his/her demons in a bedroom. Safe to say, CB has evolved past the home recordings into being an a leader of the "shit of get off the pot" record your own BM scene along with fellow self recorded Finland BM like Satanic Warmaster, etc. 

-Hookers - Halloween 7"... Hookers have been ripping it up for quite a few years here in my good ol' state of Kentucky. I picked up the Halloween 7" recorded in 1999, but it still creeps onto my record player, and slimes around... Side A is a killer rendition of the Misfits classic, side B a Hookers original called "Valhalla"... Trust me, you need this record in your life. Get the last copies when/if you can. Limited on red vinyl.

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