Playlist: Richard Vergez

Richard Vergez is a visual artist, graphic designer, and non-musician responsible for his avant-garde sound work as Drowning the Virgin Silence. He is also a frequent collaborator with Hoor-paar-Kraat and has designed many of the sleeves for Goat Eater Arts. His other current musical project is Möthersky, which focuses on post-punk and krautrock. For more information, visit

2011 so far:

Sex Church - Growing Over (Load)

HTRK - Work (work, work) (Ghostly Intl.)

Deaf Center - Owl Splinters (Type)

Horrors - Skying (XL)

Roll the Dice - In Dust (Leaf)

Cayos - Shell Beach (Schematic)

Simon Scott - Bunny (Miasmah)

James Pants - s/t (Stones Throw)

Chrome Dick - Portal Between Heaven & Hell (Deserted Beach)

The Soft Moon - Total Decay EP (Captured Tracks)

Soft Metals - s/t (Captured Tracks)

Iceage - New Brigade (Dais)

David Lynch - Crazy Clown Time (Sunday Best)

Takeshi Terauchi - Nippon Guitars (Big Beat)

Slug Guts - Howlin' Gang (Sacred Bones)

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