Ritual Necromancy, 'Oath of the Abyss' & THE CRYPT Preorders from Dark Descent

Not much to say about the debut album from Portland's Ritual Necromancy. They know their craft, that's for sure, but we knew that upon hearing their demo. Punishing, scathing, destructive death metal is what they bring to the table, and I highly recommend that you let them bring it in your ears. I've been slowly rediscovering my love for death metal, and have been happy to have this. There's a lot of shit death metal out there, but this is not it. This is real, this is true. Shipping soon from the always-reliable Dark Descent Records.

You may also be pleased to hear the the newest pre-orders from The Crypt are available from Dark Descent as well - an Excruciate LP and a Purtenance 2xLP set. If you're familiar with The Crypt's vinyl reissues, you know these will be as fucking top-notch as it gets. You can, of course, order them from The Crypt, but when they sell out (and they will), you'll be able to get them from Dark Descent as well.

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