Two New Cassettes from irr. app. (ext.)

Two brand-spanking new cassettes (and highly awaited ones, at that) from one of the most unique and original experimental musicians we know of, irr. app. (ext.), also known as Matthew Waldron. I apologize for the poor resolution of the pics, but they're the best I could find. The first new cassette is the one you see above, The 11-Year Backwards Sleepwalk. 7 contiguous tracks, constructed on a foundation of experiments with a virtual VCS3 sequencer. Woah. I haven't heard this yet, but it promises to be out there. Always cutting edge, always pushing the boundaries, always breaking ground. Professionally manufactured 40-minute cassette with J-card and a printed translucent red shell, limited to only 200 copies.

Described by the artist as a "loose reinterpretation of the classic Organum/Eddie Prévost collaboration ‘Crux/Flayed’ released in 1987." I admit being unfamiliar with the original, so I have no idea what to expect here. But if you're familiar with the artist, you can make some logical guesses as to what you might hear, in a general manner of speaking. Again, professionally made, with J-card and translucent shell (not red), limited to 200. 40 minutes.

Both of these tapes can be purchased here, along with a wide array of the artist's other work. Also, the link under the artist's name above will take you to his Bandcamp page, where you can stream and/or download some of his work as well.

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