Two New Cassettes from Sunyata Recordings

Two new highly-limited cassettes are almost sold out, but still available from our good friend Zen's Sunyata Recordings. Artists under names you haven't heard, but Zen assures us that we know them "under different, influential aliases."

The first is a split cassette from LVDK and Disintegration. Described as "gloom, doom, lust + loss split release from familiar voices, this time obscured by a lo-fi mist of anonymity. Complete desolation." Can't really argue with that.

Second is the debut release from a new black metal outfit from the US. "Two sides of melodic, arresting black metal that straddles the middle-ground between tradition and progression." Artwork by Bryan Proteau, and mastered by Zen himself.

No, I don't no anything about who is in these bands, or what they sound like. But I've learned to trust Zen at his word.

Both of these cassettes are limited to 25 copies, and as I said earlier, are nearly sold out. If you want them, you best act now. I have a good feeling about this, so my copies are ordered... Get them here.

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