Venowl, Juldoriion and Untitled Cassettes

Our friends in Venowl have two analog records to offer and to enslave you with. The first, Untitled, we reviewed back here, and it is now available to order through the Ivory Antler shoppe. It's limited, so don't waste your time. Get it now, you won't regret it. Dense, noisy, blackened filth of a very high caliber.

The second, Juldoriion, was originally released back in 2009 digitally, but now sees a higher form of evolution in the sacred analog format. Harsh, noise-infested doom, again of a very high caliber. This will soon be available in the Venowl Big Cartel, as will a number of other tasty things.

Sink your teeth into some digital Venowl tracks and albums via their Bandcamp page, but don't lose sight of the fact that only analog is real.

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