Wormsblood, Black and White Art for Man & Beast

A new Wormsblood cassette that you'll definitely want to pick up. Clay Ruby (of Burial Hex) has always been a tough artist to pin down, in fact refusing throughout his career to let any of his projects be identified with any genre in particular. Wormsblood is most often identified with metal, and for good reason - black and occasional moments of doom metal pervade the band's work, but this new cassette sees Ruby's band incorporating elements of drone, power electronics, and industrial and even neo-folk. It's all done very successfully; never feeling forced or overly complex, the music still has a very organic and ritualistic feel to it. It's very atmospheric, but the atmosphere is very dark - cold, chilling, and even horrific at times. That shouldn't necessarily come as a surprise, but the tension created by those frosty atmospheres is taken to a new level. This could even be off-putting to some, but my suspicion is that those who are familiar with Ruby's other works should be at home here.

A worthy investment, and one that you should be able to come back to repeatedly. This can be had now from Brave Mysteries for only $7.

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