Bird From the Abyss, self-titled 2xCS

One of the more original artists in the underground today, Finland's Bird From the Abyss, is back with a double cassette release that combines the three previously released (and out of print) EPs with a track created as an 'electronic synthesizer installation' (Electric Forest), and two previously unreleased tracks. This adds up to one C60 and one C40, and nearly 90 minutes of very odd music. Elements of folk, doom, drone, ambient and other genres are all part of the mix here, which, despite the varying influences, comes of as entirely organic and natural. From the label:

"There is a stench here so old that it rids the body

of any uncertainty. It is a comfortable rapture. The stench comes not from distant swamps, putrescent and green in their small wakes, or the mounds of bone matter and meat made dust underfoot. This waft of hidden and yet all-too demanding treasures lifts itself steadily from the bated, beating wings of the Bird, on its eternal voyage somewhere far past home.

"Utilising both analogue synthesis and a dynamic range of acoustic instrumentation, Bird From the Abyss' Matias Aaltonen crafts definitively archaic compositions and flawlessly timed improvisations steeped in universal mystery. The tectonic movements developing and unfolding from these unholy hymns mold and fold into one another, cutting clear marks across certain borders while blurring any known remnants of others."

Bird from the Abyss has always been HSS favorite, so we're very happy to see this double cassette, limited to only 125 copies, available now for purchase. The packaging has been done up very nicely:

    ♦ bloodred c60 + c40 tapes, handstamped + inked in black
    ♦ handcut, dyed + scored custom chipboard O-cards + insert
    ♦ handstamped red 8.5" by 8.5" insert with black lettering
    ♦ handnumbered & stamped in roman numerals
    ♦ screenprinted artwork by D.S. CiarĂ¡n

You can hear sample at the Bird Bandcamp, and can purchase the limited edition double cassette from He of the House.

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