Lycus and Lake of Blood LP Preorders

Oh hot damn hell yes. One of the best doom demos I've ever heard is from the Bay Area's Lycus. Slow, heavy as hell, and absolutely crushing, the demo that was released digitally by the band earlier in 2011 has now been remastered (download for free here) for wax, glorious wax by Krallice's Colin Marston. 500 LPs, 100 of which are on green and black splatter vinyl (the rest on black vinyl), in reverse board jackets on heavy stock with new artwork by Bryan Proteau.

One of the finest black metal albums of the year is Lake of Blood's As Time and Tide Erodes Stone, originally released on CD by Human Jigsaw Records.  Primitive yet atmospheric, and feral in its intensity, this record will swallow you up and spit you out. Also limited to 500, 100 of which are on white vinyl, the heavy stock jacket features new artwork by Vit's Nate Burns. Comes with a small poster, too.

Both of these are absolutely essential, and can be preordered for mid-late January shipment from Flenser Records.

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