Rik Garrett - Earth Magic

Remember the Kickstarter campaign we posted about back in July? Photographer Rik Garrett was successful in raising the funds for his solo exhibition, Earth Magicwhich opens January 5th at the Resistance Gallery in London. To coincide with the exhibition, he has put together another limited edition handmade book.

The Earth Magic books will measure 5" x 6", and will be signed and numbered in an edition of 100. The title is foil-stamped on the heavy paper cover. The title page and borders on subsequent pages are offset printed in black and copper. Each book contains thirteen 3" x 4" tipped-in archival pigment prints, but the images and sequence in which they are placed will vary from book to book, as they will be chosen from a larger pool of images from the series. It has not yet been revealed how these books will be sealed.

There may be an extremely limited special collector's edition of the book made available in the future. This would be limited to three copies, and one artist proof. The archival pigment prints would be replaced by silver gelatin prints, and book's cover would be replaced by embossed leather.

Earth Magic is expected to be released on December 20th and will be $100. For those who purchase the book before the 20th, the price is $90. If you have purchased a Symbiosis book and/or contributed to his Kickstarter campaign, the pre-order price is reduced to $80. All prices include shipping for those in the continental United States, and international shipping is available for an additional $5. All pre-orders must be paid in full by December 19th.

Images and other information about the series and the book can be found at the Earth Magic page on Rik Garrett's website.

Rik Garrett on the Earth Magic book:

The books are roughly the same size as the way in which Malleus Maleficarum was published in the late 15th century. That book was basically a witch hunter's bible, printed in such a small size so that judges & etc. might discreetly reference it during trials. I think that my book is maybe more like a field guide to this race of Earth-bourne witches, a visual treatise inspired by the older texts on witchcraft but re-imagined without the need for witch-hunts. A race of women living off of the Earth, drawing their powers from nature. Unlike the motherly utopia of matriarchal societies usually portrayed in fiction, these women will not welcome you upon your arrival to their grove. In fact, you would probably be in trouble if they caught you stumbling upon their secret society.

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