Tycho Magnetic Anomalies Preorders, inc. Planning for Burial!

We at HSS have been major fans of Planning for Burial since Leaving first started making its way around the internet a few years ago. Every release is a major event, so today I'm happy to announce that preorders for the Quietly cassette have gone live at Tycho Magnetic Anomalies. 3 tracks of gloom and doom, without the doom. Beautiful music, with a cover by Neils Geybels from Sequences. You can hear the tracks here if you're not convinced, but seriously, what convincing do you need? It's Planning For Burial, for goodness sake.

And to take things a bit further... TMA also has a HIGHLY LIMITED 3.5" floppy disc (yes, you read that right) featuring one Planning for Burial track, only available as a package with the Quietly CS, Wolf Fluorescence CS, and Remnants CS. The floppy is limited to 12, and only 8 are available to the public (1 of which was purchased by me, so HURRY if you want it).

Speaking of Wolf Fluorescence, this is the preorder for their coming cassette titled Bath House. I have not heard this one, but it promises "an ambient dream come to take you to the some of the more pleasant climes that TMA offers noise mongers everywhere." Limited to 50 hand-numbered copies. Available on it's own or in a package deal.

All of this brought to you and available from our friends at Tycho Magnetic Anomalies.

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