3(4) New Strange Rules Tapes

Always time to rejoice when Strange Rules releases new tapes, but especially so when one of them is a Cremation Lily tape. This new one is called infant. High-quality power electronics, limited to 50, and mastered by Kris Lapke (Alberich). Label's description: "infant missing in the crop, during the harvest moon a statue is erected in mourning. power electronics in memory. heavy, layered, pulsating."  Don't miss out, Cremation Lily tapes, and really all Strange Rules tapes, always sell out.

The other two I have not heard, but given the Strange Rules record of putting out nothing but the absolute best, you're probably safe to take your chances if these genres interest you. This one is from Winter Resistance, and it is limited to only 35 copies. "in the grip of the british winter, strange rules administers a resistant dose of industrial electronics. analog synthesizers, drum machines, feedback + vocals distressed against the backdrop of a dense, shivering, white sheet."

 And thirdly, a tape called Blooming Carcass, by an artist called False Moniker. "the anonymous natural order remains unbroken. caustic droned industrial noise from this european master of subtle, painstaking detail." Intriguing to say the least. Again, limited to only 35 copies.

There was a Natural Assembly tape of two new recordings up, but it sold out in just about no time flat - from Strange Rules and from the artist. A few copies should be available in time from Second Layer, Avant Records and Zeitgeists, but they won't last long, obviously.

To get the three tapes that remain, go here.

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