Burial Hex, In Psychic Defense LP

Said to be the last Burial Hex album (though I have it on good authority that there is one remaining album to be released, early in 2012), In Psychic Defense is as good an album as Clay Ruby has made, even as good as Initiations. Creepy, cerebral, and overwhelmingly meditative, this is not meant to be background music; as is much of the music that we cover at HSS, this is meant to be experienced, perhaps in a darkened room, late at night. Or maybe you'd prefer to be outdoors, under some sort of trance, performing a seasonally-attuned ritual. Whatever the case, this album, which consists of one 20+ minute track,  and offers a bit of everything that Burial Hex has been about for all these years.

The one-sided, hand silk-screened 12" vinyl is not to be missed, and since it is limited to 300 copies, you may want to be quick about getting one. In the US, it can be purchased from Experimedia, and in Europe, can be had direct from the label, Sound of Cobra.

A digital version can be downloaded for a small fee from Sound of Cobra's Bandcamp as well.

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