Kayo Dot - Gamma Knife

I'm only one listen into Gamma Knife, the new record by Kayo Dot, and...wow. Anyone who thought Kayo Dot lost their way with less traditionally-"heavy" works like Blue Lambency Downward, Coyote, and Stained Glass should definitely check this record out, because it definitely contains some of the metal elements that fans of "metal Kayo Dot" have been craving for quite some time.

A combination of home recordings and live recordings from a concert in October 2011, Gamma Knife features Toby Driver on vocals, guitar, bass, and keys, Terran Olson and Dan Means on alto sax, Keith Abrams on drums, David Bodie on percussion, Mia Matsumiya on violin, audience direction from Tim Byrnes and Ron Varod, and lyrics by Jason Byron. The album was recorded by Toby Driver and Jeremiah Cymerman, and mixed and mastered by Randall Dunn.

Above is the placeholder art for the digital version. The real artwork will be revealed in a few months, when physical copies will be available. Our friends at Antithetic Records are releasing Gamma Knife on vinyl in May to coincide with Kayo Dot's full US tour. Expect to hear more from us about the vinyl release in April/May once we know more. In the meantime, support the band (who funded the entire recording with their own money) and download the record from their Bandcamp page for the totally affordable and reasonable price of $5.

Check out Gamma Knife below:

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