M. Todd/L. Kerr - Beyond the Threshold

One of my favorite truly underground labels, No Visible Scars, strikes again, this time with a short (35 minute) CDr of dark ambient and death industrial from M. Todd (Transcendent Device) and L. Kerr (Steel Hook Prostheses). Falling more toward the dark ambient end of the spectrum, these recordings reflect bleak feelings of hopelessness and will leave you feeling unfathomably lost. There's honestly not a whole lot of difference from one track to the next, in some or most cases, but that's part of the beauty of the album  - it works mostly as an organic whole. The subtle variations communicate deeper details, so this album should be played when you can give it your full attention. Loud, and alone.

Available on a pro-pressed CDr or as a digital download, both of which can be obtained here.

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