New Vinyls from Parasitic Records

Holy shit, major drop from Parasitic Records. All sorts of great stuff - some available now, some in a couple weeks. All of it is absolutely essential, and all of it is fucking awesome. (In case you don't know, Tim ONLY does awesome, so this is normal and expected). First, as you see above, is the classic funeral doom 4-way split Four Burials . Recently released by Flenser as a CD, Parasitic has pressed up a deluxe 2xLP version that is just insanely awesome. Remastered, of course, and pressed on 180 gram black vinyl, packed in a reverse-board gatefold jacket. Featuring long tracks from Orthodox, Mournful Congregation, Loss, and Otesanek.  If just thinking about this doesn't arouse your inner doomed-one, I don't know what will. Also, you don't belong here, so move it along. This one is available right now.

Next up is Antediluvian's 3rd demo, Under Wing of Asael. Antediluvian is only one of the best black/death metal bands on the planet right now, and this is their best demo. Violent, destructive, and crushing, there's nothing about this that's not awesome. 180 gram black wax, with double-sided printed inner sleeve. This also is available right now. Not pictured but also available for immediate shipping is Weregoat's MLP Unholy Exaltation of Fullmoon Perversity. Violent, bestial blackened death metal from Portland. Must-own.

Diocletian needs no introduction. Their War of All Against All is an insanely good album - so heavy, so fierce, so fucking powerful - and it's now being pressed to wax. 180 gram wax, of course, packed in a full-color gatefold sleeve, with a double-sided insert and 21"x29" poster. Massive. Preorder now, should be ready in a couple weeks.

Last but not least, Australia's StarGazer released their album A Great Work of Ages in 2010 on CD, and now the double vinyl pressing is nearly here. Incomparable avant-garde death metal that's just overflowing with creativity and brutality. I love this album, and can't wait to have the vinyl in my hands. 180 gram vinyl, full-color gatefold sleeve, and an 11"x17" poster.

All this and more (much more) is available from the always-excellent Parasitic Records. NOW, chump.

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