Order of the HNW/A View From Nihil

I sometimes sit on things for while before I write about them; sometimes I am not afforded that luxury. That doesn't mean that it's necessarily better than things that I will wait to write about - it generally just means that I listened to it right away, for whatever reason, and it immediately filled some sort of need or craving. That is the case with a package I received today from... I'm not sure where. The first two things in the package were CDrs issued by a label called Order of the HNW. Both hit the spot instantly. The first is by Bachir Gemayel, and is titled HNWar. It is 20 minutes of harsh, undistorted noise, from Mack Chami, the fellow who also has also brought us great noise under the monikers Koufar and Insurgent, and who plays with Winters in Osaka and Disgust. All of his projects are excellent, but Bachir Gemayel is probably my favorite. This track was recorded in one take - no mastering, no editing, no distortion pedals. Brilliant stuff. (The newest Bachir Gemayel material is a 2xC12 issued on Fusty Cunt, titled Al-Noumour. You should also pick that up, along with everything else from the newest batch of FC tapes- all of them are great, especially the Hostage Pageant and Sirotek tapes.)

The second CDr, which looks that same as the pic you see above (seriously, I spent WAY too much time looking at both of the covers, trying to find where they differ, and it got me nothing but a headache) is from Die Reitenden Leichen, and is called Rauschen & Simulation. Also amazing. More HNW layered and juxtaposed with blistering feedback. Love it. You should too.

What I love about these two is that they're both packed in jewel cases, and the booklets, which are thick, are printed with text from the artist that puts the music into conceptual perspective. It's clear that both the artists and label take this stuff seriously, as they should. Simple yet totally effective. HNW is no joke, at least not in this case. They also come with Order of the HNW stickers. To put Order of the HNW in a little more perspective, their second, sold out release was from Vomir. Haven't heard it, but I will be looking for it for sure. Hate to pay Dsicogs/eBay prices for stuff, but sometimes it's totally worth it. I'm dying to see the packages of both of these first two Order of the HNW releases, and you can be sure I'll be jumping all over anything that they release in the future.

 The third CD in this pack is in a simple cardboard sleeve with the letters AVFN printed on the front. AVFN is an acronym for A View From Nihil (link goes to the Bandcamp page, which you should definitely check out) and this CD, issued not by Order of the HNW, but by Void Seance, is called Primordial Sea. Really heavy and penetrating HNW. If you dig HNW, you'll dig this. Looks like AFVN's Triumph of the Broken Will was the first Order of the HNW release (can be downloaded for free on the Bandcamp linked to above). Thus the connection, and why I got these in the mail together.

If you recall, Void Seance released Nekrasov's In Solitude and Darkness, the Last Step is Made. Totally trustworthy, and this CD is no exception.


AVFN said...

Thanks for taking the time to listen and reflect, it was myself who sent the package. Glad you liked it all. There are still plenty of DRL and Bachir Gemayel left over at orderofthehnw.blogspot.com. Primordial Sea looks as though it may be sold out for now, but I'm hoping to re-release it, not necessarily through Void Seance.

Krumbled Kookie said...

Thanks very much. I'm enjoying it immensely.