Pharaoh Overlord, Lunar Jetman 2xLP

I admit that before I got this, I didn't know a thing about Pharaoh Overlord, except that they were Finnish and contained members of Circle. In hindsight, I guess that should have been enough - Finland is a hotbed of awesome musical activity, and the wealth of amazing music coming from the great north covers just about every worthwhile genre. Fitting then, that Pharaoh Overlord would seem to embrace a bunch of these genres, and incorporate them into their own sound.

Ostensibly, this is psychedelic stoner-rock, but when all the other styles that seem to have influenced this recording are factored into the overall sound, I can't help but hear a very jazzy record in a great many ways. The band clearly has a great command over their instruments, and perhaps for that reason and a couple others, I am reminded of Russian Circles when I play this album. That doesn't make a whole lot of sense, because this album really sounds nothing like Russian Circles, but the energy and dynamics at play are reminiscent, at least to me, and this sounds about as focused as any Russian Circles album (a good thing, because I love that about Russian Circles). "Focused" may not be a word often used to describe psychedelic stoner-rock, and since I am unfamiliar with their back-catalogue, I could be way off, but it sounds like Pharaoh Overloard have taken their time to really develop their approach to this type of music.

It has paid off - this record is really quite good. It's another of those records where once you have turned it on, it's just about impossible to turn off, because the sounds contained therein will spin you around and take you all over the place. You'll want to give yourself the time (nearly an hour and a quarter) to really let your first listen soak in. After that, I think you'll want to listen to this again and again; you'll find something new every time, especially if you let the subtle melodies and cascading walls of dissonance really enter your psyche.

For more information, hit up the blog of Sige Records, and then preorder the double vinyl here.

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