Prurient, Wrapped In The Flame Of Illusion, Masked In The Clay Of Behavior 2×7”

New Prurient 2x7" coming very soon from Dais Records. The material was recorded just before last year's Bermuda Drain was recorded, and clearly represented a transitional phase for Dominick Fernow. If you're familiar with older Prurient work, as well as the "new" approach heard on Bermuda Drain and Time's Arrow,  you'll understand quite well what I mean when you hear this. Fernow has referred to this as "ambient power electronics," and that seems to be an apt description.

The first track, "God Is Truth and Light Is His Shadow" is now playing on the otherwise worthless Pitchfork, which has referred to the cover art you see above as "ultra-grotesque." I actually laughed out loud.

The 2x7" is now available for preorder from Dais.


Anonymous said...

oh dude, how i hate pitchfork

a said...

How grotesque!