Regress Zine #2

Just over a year ago, I wrote a short snippet on the first Regress Zine. Soon after writing it, I became immersed in it; I must have read it cover to cover about 25 times, and it still is a favorite when nothing else satisfies.  One of the better zines I've come across in recent memory, the first issue featured Sexdrome, Horrid Cross, White Medal, Luciation, and others.

The second issue of Regress is now here, and it features bands/artists such as Vucub Cane, Nastran, One Tail One Head, Grave Miasma, Terrence Hannum (of Locrian), and Sutekh Hexen, among others.  Another winner. The layout, the art, the paper... all perfect. Really an outstanding zine that gets nothing but respect and admiration from HSS. For more information, and to order, go here. Don't sleep on it; it's limited to 150 copies, and the first issue sold out. This one will too, so get to it.

If you're interested in picking this up and maybe something else on vinyl or cassette, like maybe that Black Cilice album A Corpse, A Temple, you can go to Analog Worship and get this too. Lots of great stuff in stock there.

...and I'd also like to mention that my review of Sutekh Hexen's forthcoming album on Handmade Birds is coming soon. Fucking incredible album.

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