Trist/Lonesummer Split CD

Finally, one of the albums I've really been looking forward to is out, and well worth the wait. I'll say that I've never been a big fan of Trist (this the Czech Trist, not the German Trist, of which I am a huge fan), so my anticipation for this was based solely on the fact that the Lonesummer tracks were being recorded in the studio for the first time. Drew's songs have always sounded great as home recordings, so I was a bit unsure of how they would translate in the studio. But they sound phenomenal - even better than I would have guessed. They come across sweetly and sorrowfully, and the rawness that has characterized Lonesummer since the beginning has not been lost simply by moving the recording process into a studio. The raw intensity of the tracks - most notably in Drew's vocals and Thom's drumming, which are both killer) is what carries this split. It also doesn't hurt that the tracks that were chosen for this are 5 of my favorite Lonesummer songs.

The lone Trist song (all 20+ minutes of it) opens the album, and to tell the truth, it's not bad. It's one of the few Trist songs that I really enjoy. It's nothing new, and it's fairly repetitive, but still quite enjoyable. Whether you like Trist or not, there's no denying that the guy has his heart in this 100%, and I give him nothing but respect for that.

This is a must-have. Get it now from Ars Magna.

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Anonymous said...

Trist is great on this split, while lonesummer is just rubbish