Velnias Kickstarter Campaign

Doom heathens Velnias are working on the finishing touches of a new album, to be called RuneEater, and what can be seen in the preview video sounds great. The album was recorded by only analog means, and to finish up the process of having it mixed, mastered, pressed to (limited triple-gatefold) vinyl, cassette, and CD, Velnias and Pesanta Urfolk are asking for your help. They've started up a Kickstarter campaign in which you can contribute some of your hard earned dollars as a sort of preorder, since Pesanta will not be accepting preorders. I must say that I first balked at their goal of $13,000, but after reading what's to be presented, and what the expectations are for this project, I gave in and made a pledge myself. You can make your own decision, but if you're at all familiar with Velnias's atmospheric, folk-laden, and blackened approach to doom, and Pesanta Urfolk's dedication to ultra high-quality deluxe physical releases, you may be more inclined to contribute. The release will see the light of day whether the goal is met or not, but if they can reach that goal, it should be out by April.  For more info (including that video), and to contribute, go here.


Anonymous said...

If you eat runes, does that mean you can shit the future?!?

Anonymous said...

No, it makes you like that nutbag Freya Aswynn.