Brave Mysteries Contest Winner

Congratulations to Keenan Schott, whose comment has been chosen at random as the winner of the Brave Mysteries Contest.

Keenan, your info has been forwarded to Brave Mysteries, and they will be in touch to arrange sending you your package.

To everyone else: thanks so much for participating in the contest, and thanks for reading HSS. If you didn't win, I'd like to encourage you to go to Brave Mysteries and grab some of that stuff - particularly the Burial Hex LP, the Rose Croix cassette, and the Horrid Red cassette. Seriously great music. Just about everything Brave Mysteries has put out is gold, so you really can't go wrong. Keep your eyes on this label at all times, because there's always something great coming- something you'll swear you haven't heard before.

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Anonymous said...

The Wormsblood album is amazing, too.