David Carter/The Witch Family Split Cassette / Mike Bruno LP

Big-time important release right here. We don't cover a whole lot of straight-up electronics music, outside of some power-electronics, but this is too good to pass up.

I won't claim to know much about this story, but listening to this cassette makes that rather unimportant. David Carter, who is no longer inhabiting the realm of the living, created the tracks on his side of this split cassette a few years back, and apparently just shelved them for a while to work on some other things. They are now seeing the light of day, much to our benefit. These songs kind of run the gamut from sparse, flat ambient tracks ("flat" is not meant in a negative way) to more psychedelic-tinged electronica with some really amazing synth-lines. The 7 tracks are raw and often minimalistic, but they are poignant and highly communicative.

Carter, however, felt like they were missing something, and enlisted Ryan Harris (The Witch Family) to remix and re-work them; those tracks, which are stunning in both their breadth and depth, occupy the other side of this cassette. The tape is amazing from beginning to end, and only gets better the more that you play it. Truly striking.

100% of the proceeds from the sales of this tape are going into pressing it on a deluxe 2xLP, with colored, 180-gram vinyl resting in a deluxe gatefold jacket with new artwork, a poster, and another CD of various artists doing some more remixes. Holy cow. Yes, please.

Also available from Haute Magie is the debut album from ghost-folk singer-songwriter Mike Bruno, titled The Sad Sisters. This LP, which features Bruno's simple yet beautifully profound guitar work and voice over a wash of atmospherics and ambiance, is a fantastic journey through some rather sad, desolate songs that nevertheless leave you feeling weightless and free. It may not grab you on the first listen, but stick with it and these songs will find a permanent home in your consciousness.

Damn, Haute Magie is just doing a lot of really impressive things, with a lot more to come (Bestovitch!). Definitely a label that you can be proud to support. You can stream some tracks from these releases in the Relics section of their website, and then buy them in the store.

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Jolocho said...

I'm totally in love with Mike Bruno. What an amazing sadness. Like a depressive Neil Diamond aiming for eternity. I think that I haven't felt THIS exposed since I heard Joseph T. Pearson 2011's album. Hands down. Thanks Harold! /x