Human Ignorance

This won't be for all readers, but I know there are plenty of you that are into noise. Well, Joseph Gates, whose many projects include Vargrwulf, Zionist, Peiiste, Bast, Slaughter-Fetus, Reptilian Sexual Predator, and Fun in Latex, also runs the label Human Ignorance. The label is putting out great noise cassettes, time after time, one after another - nothing but the highest in quality. The music, the packaging, the artwork - all top-notch. For my money, Human Ignorance is the best label on the planet right now putting out this kind of music.

Two new tapes are out right now - the first you see above. It is called Love Trauma, and it is a collection of tracks from various noise artists put together on two C62s. Excerpts of the tracks are available at the Human Ignorance blogspot linked to above, but the trailer below is a good introduction. Over a year in the making, and now finally available -fittingly, on Valentine's Day. Brutal love.

Also newly available is the latest Reptilian Sexual Predator release, titled Vision. It's awesome. Recorded in one take over the last 6 years. A narrative paen to the Whore, containing a further development of the role of the Reptilian Sexual Predator. He enters the dancefloor like an eagle stalking prey, always out of sight and always in control. Again, two C62s, and comes with a digital download (as does Love Trauma) as well as a book "with lyrics and shit." Check out the trailer here:

Recent releases are also available from Heel in Mouth (a Richard Ramirez/Sean Matzus/Joseph Gates harsh noise project), and a bunch of the other projects mentioned above. All receive the highest HSS recommendation. The Fun in Latex Huggy Baby release is especially good, but you can't miss with any of it. All brilliance.

Again, check out all or most of this stuff at the Human Ignorance blogspot. Buy some tapes, too. You will be pleased when you receive them. The semi-slim vinyl cases are terrific, making these easy to store.


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Gefa said...

Gave the clips a listen, and ordered Love Trauma, Reptilian Sexual Predator, and the Nature Presence tapes right away. Joseph from the label responded and sent me the digital copies, and I've been listening to this stuff all morning. Amazing stuff, and a great label!

Also - they've got a great deal going on tapes right now - 3 for $30, 4 for $40, etc. Check this out if you're a noise fan!