Skagos - Anarchic, on Bandcamp

Many of you (well, many of us) have been waiting patiently for Skagos to bring forth the follow-up to their timeless 2009 debut album Ást, which we've been lead to believe is titled Anarchic. And while it's not time to fully rejoice yet, we can at least celebrate the fact that Ray and Isaac have put up the A-Side to the album on the Skagos Bandcamp page for your immediate immersion and/or consumption. You won't be disappointed with the music - Anarchic is honestly a supernatural work which I have been blessed to be able to hear in a couple of its early incarnations - and I think you'll also be pleased to know that every penny that goes into the Skagos fund through this Bandcamp page will only be used to get this monster released. Skagos are now fully committed to releasing their own albums, so your money goes to a good cause. If you are unable to pay the small fee ($2.50 CAD), it is suggested by the band that you download the Audacity program and ripping your own mp3s while they stream from the Bandcamp page. You know which side we stand on - so do the right thing and know that your money goes to a noble and worthwhile cause.

You may also be interested in knowing that the songs from the Panopticon split, as well as Ást, can be downloaded from that page as well.

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