Wheels Within Wheels, Accretion

Our friend Crow of Wheels Within Wheels has made the often-discussed but rarely-heard demo recordings available as a pay-what-you-can download from Bandcamp. Please make a donation - these have been requested by Wheels Within Wheels fans for years, and we at HSS feel, of course, that Crow should be rewarded for his hard work and dedication to making unique, high quality music. In his words:

"Even though the 2008 or 2007 demo was actually released, I never intended for it to get too far away from me. It is presented here mixed amongst the others. There has been a demand for demoes from this project quite often. This comp was compiled from many, many hours of tape and cdr and represents the most finished demo product. Here it is. I hope you enjoy the early stages of Wheels Within Wheels."

We offer our thanks to Crow for his generosity in making these recordings available for our listening pleasure. Crow offers thanks to Austin Lunn (Panopticon, Seidr) for doing the cover. Thanks all around!

There are other WWW recordings there for you to enjoy, as well.  Support!!!

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