Wildernessking Vinyl Kickstarter

Full disclosure (long version): I have to admit that I was initially very suspicious of this South African band... formerly known as Heathens, their music and art were not at all what I expect from a metal project expecting to be taken seriously. Apparently, they were not expecting to be taken seriously at all, at the time; thus the corny artwork and laughable approach to metal. Then, all of a sudden, they were called Wildernessking, and were  favoring a much more solemn and serious approach to black metal. The photos, artwork and music were all vastly different than before, and initially came off as contrived, forced, and disingenuous.

After talking Shawn from Antithetic Records, who I know to be a passionate and genuine fellow, I've had a change of heart, and more clearly understand what the band is all about. The music on the album reflects a band that has found their calling, that is in touch with their muse, and that has translated any inner turmoil and confusion into a hell of a good album. Passionate, intense, and relentless, the music on The Writing of Gods in the Sand makes up just about as good a debut album as could be expected.

Full disclosure (short version): This album rips, and you should have it.

Available now as a CD, and soon to be a deluxe 2xLP. Antithetic Records have started a Kickstarter-type campaign to raise some of the money necessary to have this monster pressed. The goal is a modest $3500, and the campaign runs through the month of February. There are a number of different options; check them all out, and contribute, here.


Shawn said...

As always, thanks so much for your continued support! HSS!!

Anonymous said...

Joke metal and Kickstarter? Sounds like the worst combination imaginable.