Autopsy, All Tomorrow's Funerals 2xLP

I've never been a huge fan of Autopsy. The music is fine, and can sometimes be excellent, but it's just not for me. There is generally a lack of depth, and that doesn't bring me back for repeated listens. Yeah, I know - depth is not the point with this kind of death metal. Whatever. Last year's album was good enough, but it's not something I go back to again and again.

Peaceville has just issued a 2xLP, 22-track collection of Autopsy's EPs, all remastered for this collection, entitled All Tomorrow's Funerals. The band also recorded 4 new tracks (the first 4, which are incidentally the best tracks on here). If you're into Autopsy, you'll be into this, and Peaceville always does a tremendous job on their vinyls.

The cover art is great, and it does legitimately kick ass. You can order the DLP, presented in a gatefold cover, from Peaceville, here. It can also be had from Hells Headbangers.

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