Dressed in Streams s/t CS

It's a great feeling when something comes crawling out of the deep blue nothing and demands your undivided attention after playing for about 12 seconds. That's about how long it took me to get hooked on this cassette.  I know nothing at all about this band, except that they're supposedly from the US. The cassette contains 3 songs, and clocks in at just about 24 minutes. Simplistic, mid-paced  lo-fi black metal with guitars, bass, keys/synths, drums (machine, possibly?) and vox. Simple, yet ambitious and totally effective at grabbing you and keeping your attention. God damn I love this. So fucking good.

"Battle chants for freedom, at any cost."

 Check out a sample here, and then buy the cassette, limited to 100 on cold blue tapes, from Colloquial Sound Recordings.


JohanAsTree said...

You made me buy stuff from overseas again. Well done mr. Niver, well done.

ElktoothChain said...

Live drums. And yes, they are actually from the US.