Enth / Amarok Split LP

If you read this website enough, you know I like my doom as slow as can be. Plodding, crawling, creeping along at less than a snail's pace. And this split brings together two of the best doom acts in existence today - one from Poland (Enth), and one from California (Amarok). Enth has more of a funeral doom thing going on, while there seems to be a sludge influence at times to Amarok, though they're slow enough and despondent enough to be classified as funeral doom as well. And the vocals... holy shit, the vocals! Both bands are at their finest on this split.

There is no happiness here. No hope. Just ultimate peril and doom.

You can stream this album, which contains two songs and 38 minutes of music, here.

It is a co-release between Orca Wolf Records and Halo of Flies. Comes with an 11x17 insert, a download card, and two patches. Absolutely essential. Get your copy now while you can.

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