Huata, Atavist of Mann 2xLP and Sesso Violento 7"

Holy shit. I've been waiting for this record for a while, and that wait has paid off mightily. I've not been this impressed with a straight-up doom album in a long time. French doom outfit Hua†a have by all means delivered the goods with this, their first full-length album, entitled Atavist of Mann. To be perfectly honest, this scratches an itch I've had for a long time, for traditional, heavy-as-balls doom with an occult edge. Sure, Electric Wizard, The Wounded Kings and a bunch of others bands go there and do it pretty damn well, but this is something very special. Progressing on the promise of the EP Open the Gates of Shambhala, the sound here is more psychedelic, and it seems the band have now truly embraced the occult tendencies of their past work. While other bands may dabble in occult lyrics, artwork, and other appearances, I get the feeling from this recording that these gentlemen actually pursue the dark arts. It's hard to listen to songs like "Thee Imperial Wizard," "Templars of the Black Sun," or the album-closing "Fall of the 4th" and think otherwise. The fuzzy stoner-sludge grooves from the EP are not exactly gone - they're still prominent, in fact, but they've been slowed down and spun around to take on more atmospheric and hallucinogenic textures. Just about damn perfect.

Presented on a 2xLP in a gorgeous gatefold jacket with the best artwork I've seen in a long, long time. Released and available in Europe from Mordgrimm. You can stream the album here before purchasing.

Also newly released from Mordgrimm is this 7" of filthy, depraved crusty black metal from Brazillian horde called Sesso Violento. Raw and wicked to the bone, this is a dangerous and jagged assault. 6 songs on a 7" that can't be argued with. Awesome. If this interests you, Sesso Violento also has a one-sided LP titled Pacificador available from Prison Tatt Records.

Both of these can be had in North America from Fallen Empire. The Huata 2xLP can also be had from Analog Worship.

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