Ivory Antler Record Store Day 6xCS Series

Our friends at Ivory Antler are preparing a massively awesome set of 6 cassettes, each by a different artist, for release in conjunction with Record Store Day 2012. The cassettes will be limited to 50 copies each, worldwide. The series will feature cassettes from Fermentæ (featuring Kevin Gan Yuen of Sutekh Hexen), Terrence Hannum (of Locrian), Demian Johnston, Cetacea (featuring Bryan Bray from Gates), Reuben Sawyer (of Rainbath Visual), and Njiqahdda.

Pre-order for the entire series (about 10 or so sets) will go up in the next couple of days; the rest of the cassettes will be made available separately upon their release. Keep your eyes peeled here, and on the Ivory Antler Facebook page, to be alerted to when this goes down. The price tag is a very reasonable $66. Be ready.

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Anonymous said...

These are now available for individual purchase!