Mutilation Rites, I Am Legion 12"

After a couple of  sick demos and a monstrous split 7" with Batillus, Brooklyn-based black thrash metal band Mutilation Rites emerge with this killer one-sided 12" EP titled I Am Legion. The EP features three tracks from the early demos that have been re-recorded and remastered with the band's new, complete lineup, and it sounds absolutely fantastic. Destructive, intense, grooving black metal with a great thrash edge that will make you bang your head and raise the horns. The jacket artwork (with metallic silver ink) and the etching on b-side (pictured below) were handled by Reuben Sawyer from Rainbath Visual, so they look rad.
The LP comes with a black insert with silver metallic ink, a patch, and a button with the band's logo, and can be streamed in its entirety and pre-ordered now from Gilead Media.

Definitely a band you want to see live; they're on tour now, so you should definitely check them out when they play near you. See their tour dates here. They will, of course, be playing the Gilead Media Music Fest on the last weekend of April, with many heavyweights including Ash Borer, Protestant, Fell Voices, The Body, Loss, False, Thou, Sleepwalker, Lycus, Mania, and others. Do you have your tickets yet? I do. Hope to see you there.

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