Playlist: Andrew Liles

Andrew Liles is a prolific solo artist, producer, remixer and sometime member of Nurse With
Wound and Current 93. He has been recording since the mid 80's and has appeared on well over 100 releases. His back catalogue and new recording, First Aid Box, is available now at

It maybe a little controversial to say but it could arguably be stated that musicians don’t really make records. It is those faceless engineers and producers that often design and construct that sound and dictate that aural vision of many artists. Musicians have the unique ideas and approaches to creating music but seldom can those ideas be realised without the aid of a truly great producer. It is the producer who carves and sculpts that ‘unique’ sonic identity for the artist, those smiling magazine friendly faces that take the glory for all the backroom, and original and innovative work.

Utilising tried and tested studio trickery and using the studio as an instrument, inventing recording techniques, adopting the latest technologies, taking different paths and radical approaches to sound, it is often these unsung and unseen audio wizards that start trends, define the sound of generations, create the identity and help make that ‘new’ sound for many artists, many of whom would be mediocre without the visionary ideas of many producers.

Here is a list of my some of my favourite producers and sound designers. They are listed in no particular order. Like any list it is just my opinion, I don’t claim to be an authority on this subject or any other and I have probably missed out someone you or I think essential. There will of course be many producers I have never heard of who deserve to be on here somewhere. There are a few notes by myself and links to Wikipedia pages with more information about each producer.

A man with a fascinating and tragic life. Amazing compression and heavy sound. The original ‘celebrity’ producer. Defining moment, his outer space music fantasy ‘I Hear a New World’ a strange record even by today’s standards.

Friend and confidant, musical blood brother. This is in no way an entry based on nepotism but one with genuine high regard and appreciation. I knew the work of Nurse With Wound long before I came into their musical world, and stole many ideas from Steven Stapleton in my own work. Defining moments for me ‘Spiral Insana’, ‘Soliloquy for Lilith’, Sylvie and Babs’.

The ‘Wall of Sound’ is all I need to say. I could also add ‘wearer of amazing wigs’ and ‘convicted of murder’, but I won’t.

Workaholic, magical moulder of sound and creative genius. A huge inspiration. Defining moments ‘Hole’ and ‘Diabolus In Musica’.

Taking dub to another world with the spectacular African Headcharge albums and amazing
remixes. A man who ripped up the rule book. Defining moment ‘My Life in a Hole in the Ground’.

Heavy rock godfather. Producer of one of my all time favourite album ‘Heaven and Hell’ by Black Sabbath.

Kraut rock innovator, inventor and Scorpions producer.

Played a huge part in AC/DCs ‘Highway to Hell’, surely one of the best albums ever put on tape.

Visionary and ahead of his time. Foresaw the advent of the MP3 decades before it’s invention.

A big band ‘powerhouse’, researcher and inventor extradornarie, Raymond Scott invented the sequencer and subsidised his electronic inventions by his commercial and amazing big band

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