Playlist: Owwl

The two parts of German drone duo Owwl are more of antagonists than partners. While both might cite similar influences - spanning from glacial drones to hazed out ambient - there is a huge difference in perception. For one half the music is the sonic equivalent to modern art, for the other it is a vessel for mystic progress. This might be a reason for the unusual instrumentation: Mick Schulz shapes the feedbacking of his guitar with numerous effect pedals, Stefan Otto plays an 1890' reed organ. The results are drones that are radically minimalistic, densely atmospheric and subliminally fragile. Their second album, Dark Places, was released last month by Utech Records. For more information about Owwl, visit

Books that gave us cues, inspiration and guidance

Thomas Pynchon - Against the Day
Denis Johnson - Tree of Smoke
Frank Miller - 300
Raimon Weber, Volker Sassenberg - Gabriel Burns Radio Plays
Helmut Krausser - Melodien

Music we digested

Windy and Carl - Consciousness
Starving Weirdos - Into an Energy
Kevin Drumm - Imperial Distortion
Anla Courtis - Llegaron...
Yellow Swans - At All Ends
David Tagg - Pentecost
The Caretaker - Patience (After Sebald)
N/Tzesne - Carrissale
Tenhornedbeast - Tenhorned Moses Descended the Mountain
Marhaug/Asheim - Grand Mutation
Current 93 - Sleep Has His House
K11 - Metaphonic Portrait 1230 A.D.
Jannick Schou - Act of Shimmering
Mind over Mirrors - The Voice Rolling
Emuul - The Drawing of the Line
RST - The Sunset Limited
Terry Riley - In C
Glenn Branca - Symphony 1 "Tonal Plexus"
AMM - AMMmusic

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