Profetus, ...To Open the Passages in Dusk 2xLP

Even though Norway gets the most attention, Finland is a hotbed of amazing musical activity. It has been for ages, and this continues with this breathtakingly heavy album from funeral doom band Profetus. This album is just incredible. Slow and plodding, like funeral doom should be, but with a symphonic element, courtesy of some beautifully aching keys. This is prefect for listening late at night under a moonlit sky, with (or without) a good bottle of wine. Bleak, depressive, and epically disastrous funeral doom. Truly perfect. 4 songs in nearly one hour. Available as a CD, but more importantly, as a gorgeous gatefold 2xLP. You can stream it at the link above (the band's Bandcamp page), but we all know that doom - and especially funeral doom - is best on vinyl. In the US, you can order the record from Contagion Releasing, in Europe from the band, and in Asia from Weird Truth.

Limited to 500. Don't miss this.

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