Skin Graft, Wet Engines LP

Compulsion Rites is a young, up-and-coming noise label that until now has released 5 cassettes from the likes of Plague Mother, Hostage Pageant, Blackfire, and Ebola is the Savior. Now, they're trying their hand at vinyl with an LP from the always excellent Skin Graft, of which you can hear a sample below. From the label:

Wyatt Howland has been creating relentless, merciless harsh electronics for the better part of the last decade under the appropriately-chosen SKIN GRAFT moniker. After releasing "Dystrophy" with the prolific Hanson Records last year, we are pleased to announce the follow-up album. Originally released on cassette in 2010, the LP version has been completely remixed and remastered.


Because this is a pre-order and the label is fairly new and not funded by its own releases yet, I am making a very special pre-order offer in hopes of helping cut the (rather steep) costs of pressing vinyl and get this amazing record out sooner than later!

For the pre-order, you receive the following:

- "Wet Engines" LP with screen-printed cover, exclusive hand-numbered artwork, and digital download card.

- Skin Graft "Suffer" c30 - brand new material from Wyatt only available with the pre-order.

The pre-orders are limited to 75 copies, with the offer  expiring on April 1st. The number of pre-orders will determine the amount of records pressed, which will be between 100-300 copies. So, the incentive to pre-order is that the more pre-orders, the more exclusive your extra goodies are. I'm all for limited-edition shit, but I think its high time we as a community start earning them! 

Pre-orders are $20 ppd for both domestic and international (regular copies will be $15 us/$20 intl)

Paypal to

This label deserves our total support. I'm sending my pre-order in now, and hope you will follow suit. Skin Graft is always great, and it's nice to help a guy like this out while getting great music in the process. 

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