Translinguistic Other

There are really only a few really good labels consistently putting out great psych releases. The genre as a whole has become rather stale, repetitive and quite boring, but that shouldn't turn us off from the great music that the good artists and labels put out. Expo 70 is always a winner, and Brave Mysteries has a lot of terrific psychedelic music coming out as well (more on them coming real soon), but Translinguistic Other, a psych label based out of Seattle, Washington, is sometimes overlooked. That's an obvious shame, because the music coming from the label is always excellent.

We've covered Midday Veil before, and indeed, MV has a new cassette coming out very soon on Translinguistic Other called Integratron. Until then, you are encouraged to check out a video for "Moon Temple," the 24-minute epic improvisation from Midday Veil's most recent release, Subterranean Ritual II. The video is quite a trip, and is even more impressive considering it's improvised. In my opinion, this kind of music is best when improvised as a stream of consciousness. There's more revelation to be experienced when there is no predetermined path.

Pre-orders are also coming soon for the debut full-length from Scriptures, a guitar-based psychedelic post-rock ensemble from Seattle. Check out a sample below.

But if you're salivating to get something pre-ordered, there is the matter of the metaphysically-minded Swahili, one of the most original and refreshing psychedelic projects I've heard in a while. Synths, wondrously vibrant, lush guitars, and some pretty interesting percussion that gets downright tribal at times... these combine to accent the otherworldly vocals. This will take you to some far-out places. You can hear a sample at the above link,  as well as here, and pre-order the LP (which comes with a download card) here.

Too much good stuff to not find something you'll dig. Enjoy.

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