Two Great Releases from Ars Magna Recordings

Been meaning to post about these two releases which couldn't be more different from one another from Ars Magna. The first you see above, and it is the debut album from Danish black metal horde Klor. There's nothing unique about this release - it brings straight-forward Scandinavian black metal with typical (but great) black metal vocals, dissonant, buzzing guitars, and a tremendous, fairly raw atmosphere. Despite the fact that it's not particularly original or special, I have thoroughly enjoyed this since getting it, and have been playing it quite a bit. The tones here are pretty harsh, but the dark, reflective, and sometimes creepy atmosphere can fill a room, and the songs are very catchy. 8 songs in about 35 minutes. Looking forward to hearing more from these guys in the future.

The second, while very different in sound, would seem to take the same reflective approach to music. It is the newest album from Richard Bosse, titled Visions of the End, and it is a contemplative, melancholy masterpiece that must be heard. It should be pointed out that Bosse has nothing to do with black metal; that said, despite the the difficulty in categorizing this music, it is easy to see why a label like Ars Magna, which has typically peddled black and other metal releases, would choose to release this album: the emotional scope and atmosphere of the record is in keeping with the most somber and introspective of black metal. Elements of post-rock, folk, ambient, and even classical (or neoclassical) all converge to produce one of the loneliest, most sorrowful albums you'll ever hear. And while it is hard to avoid the fact that the record is by all means a downer, the overall grand beauty of these 6 songs offers a beacon of hope. By the last track, the melody's best attempts to drag you down fail due to the sheer elegance of the recordings you've just bore witness to. This is a record that you need to hear.

Both of these fine albums can and should be purchased from Ars Magna Recordings.

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