6 New Tapes on Strange Rules, 4 New Ones on Fusty Cunt

I don't have a whole lot of time to post right now, but as these things tend to go rather quickly, I'm taking 5 minutes to do this at least half-assedly.

To commemorate the release of the first Strange Rules release 1 year ago, Zen has released 6 new tapes today, his largest undertaking on Strange Rules thus far. Everything this label has released is gold, so you'd be well-advised to pick it all up, or whatever you can afford. The tapes include new stuff from Deterge, Heather, RVH, Cremation Lily and False Moniker, Council of Europa, and Curative Measures. He also has a few copies of the new Cremation Lily tapes released on Fusty Cunt. You can get the Strange Rules tapes here

The Cremation Lily tape on Fusty Cunt can be ordered here. Definitely look into getting the Philosophy of Knives tape too, as it is a project from Aaron Vilk of Nyodene D. The other two Fusty Cunt tapes (Swarm Survival, and Winters in Osaka/Hodr split) will surely be worth your while as well, because Jim always does a great job with his tapes. Highest quality at all times. Hear samples here.

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