Black Shape of Nexus, Negative Black 2xLP

Black Shape of Nexus is heavy; this we know. They've always brought an absolutely sublime sort of droning, psychedelic and almost ethereal heaviness to doom that sets them in a category all their own. But they retain a hardcore intensity that prevents you from being lulled into comfort, and that's the beauty of B*Son. They maintain a down-tempo at all times, but the punk roots of various members of the band can't help but creep through. Perhaps my favorite track of theirs is the song "VIIIe" from their 2010 split LP with Kodiak, where the harsh screams of "Leave me alone...ALONE!" has always really summed up their approach to the sludge and doom genres.

In any case, this is their first output since that split LP, so it's hard not to be excited for this. Seven songs and nearly eighty damn minutes of suffocating doom. Not to be missed. Presented in a nice digipack if you like CDs, but this band is perfectly suited for vinyl, and Exile on Mainstream have pulled no punches, presenting this album on two slabs of 180-gram virgin vinyl packed in a inside-and-out printed gatefold cover. Comes with a digital download, too.

The best part is that this is really affordable, even for folks in the states. 22 euros, including priority airmail shipping, is insanely reasonable.  Order now from Exile on Mainstream - they start shipping on the 16th.

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