Circle of Ouroborus, The Lost Entrance of the Just

Somehow, by some weird twist of fate, this LP is still available from Handmade Birds. I would strongly recommend that you get one of these soon, because the previous Circle of Ouroborus LP on Handmade Birds, Eleven Fingers, sold out pretty handily. And surprisingly enough, this album, The Lost Entrance of the Just, is just as good or possibly better than Eleven Fingers.

Not that I'm surprised that Finland's favorite sons of non genre-specific music have made another brilliant album - their most recent output has all been excellent. But Eleven Fingers was that good. As I wrote in my best albums of 2011 list (Eleven Fingers was #19), it changed a lot about how I personally approach listening to music. Essentially, I can't go into listening to any record for the first time with any sort of expectations or preconceived notions of what I might hear or how it might make me feel. This record was just a reminder of that fact, which is especially applicable when listening to this band.

The key here is the dense, almost suffocating atmospheres. The songs themselves are great, but are made greater by the power of the rich, foggy atmospherics. The atmospheres here are so thick, so murky, that you may at first think that something is wrong with the mix, or that the sound on your stereo is not quite right, as the keys/synths threaten to overwhelm all the other sounds and instruments, including the vocals.Once you adjust, and understand that it's supposed to sound like this, you'll be hypnotized by the sounds. More than any other Circle of Ouroborus record, the sounds here are that of longing, desperation, and ultimately, failure... even though the lyrics are for the most part very positive, brimming with hope and confidence. Circle of Ouroborus may be the only band that could take such a paradox and make it sound incredible.

The LP is pressed on 180 gram vinyl, and comes with a small book of art and lyrics. A simple but elegant package. Limited to 500 copies, but this won't last much longer, as I can't imagine there are too many left. It will sell out, that much I can guarantee. Get it now from Handmade Birds.

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