Coffinworm LP and Wheels Within Wheels/Merkaba Split CS/Download

Two tasty pieces from our friends at The Flenser. The first, which you see above, is Coffinworm's 2009 demo Great Bringer of Night, newly mastered for vinyl by James Plotkin, and presented in a heavy jacket with an insert, with art by Bryan Proteau (who also did the art for the Obolus and Lycus LPs). Limited to 500 copies - 120 on gold vinyl, and 380 copies on black vinyl. This also features two extra recordings from the same sessions that the original three tracks were recorded at, for a total of 5 grimy lullabies of misanthropy. Coffinworm is one of the nastiest blackened sludge/doom/death bands around, a bands that reminds us that metal is supposed to be feared, hated, and reviled. These recordings are raw and very heavy. There's seriously nothing not to like hear. I've been hoping this would get a vinyl release for a long time, ever since I heard the first Coffinworm full-length on vinyl. This is one of those bands whose sound is perfect for vinyl. If you want to hear how it sounds digitally, you can go here. Otherwise, just buy this. No way you'll regret it.

Also available for pre-order is the new split cassette from Wheels Within Wheels and Merkaba. One song for each band, but nearly 40 minutes of seriously awesome, jaw-dropping metal. Surreal atmospheres on both of these songs. We're long-time fans of Wheels Within Wheels, and are happy to see Merkaba getting some more music out there, since their rare, self-released full-length came out last year (which we reviewed here). The layout was done by Austin from Panopticon. Limited cassette in red shells. What's also really cool about this is that you can download it for free here. But you should also do the right thing, support the label and artists, and buy the tape.

Both of these can be pre-ordered now from Flenser Records.

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