Esoteric, Subconscious Dissolution into the Continuum 2xLP, and Paragon of Dissonance 2xLP

This is the second in the series of Aesthetic Death's vinyl presses of Esoteric's albums which started last year with Epistemological Despondency 2xLP. That one took a while; those that preordered had to wait a while with all the delays, but to fix that problem, Aesthetic Death has implemented a no-preorder policy until all is confirmed. Well, all has been confirmed for this, and it should be released in the next couple of weeks. If you bought Epistemological Despondency from Aesthetic Death, you can email Stu and pre-order this now; if you did not, you (kind of) have to wait until the general release date, which should right around the middle of this month.

In any case, keep your eyes peeled, because this is limited to only 250 copies, and they'll go fairly quickly.

And by the way, if you're an Esoteric fan (why wouldn't you be?), and you enjoyed their latest offering, Paragon of Dissonance, Svart Records is taking pre-orders for that album's initial vinyl pressing, here. Tracks had to be rearranged to fit the vinyl format, but it will surely sound killer.

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