GOG, In Our Architecture This Resounds 2x12"

When I listen to free jazz (let's use Rahsaan Roland Kirk, for example, because that dude is on a different fucking plane than the rest of us), I get the sense that there is some kind of grand search underway. Like people across the cosmos have dropped what they've been doing in order to find it. It is never defined, but it's out there, and we'll all know it when we find it, if we are so lucky to find it. Roland Kirk, that magnificent bastard, fucking found it every damn time. But when we think about - how could he NOT??? Kirk was blind as hell, but could play six saxophones at once. He's one of the reasons that I can give in to the moment and just immerse myself in sound. One of the most inspiring musical geniuses to ever walk this Earth, that dude had IT.

It's not often that I can compare something contemporary to Rahsaan Roland Kirk. But today, my copy of the new GOG album arrived, and my thought process throughout the playing of this record followed the same unwritten script that it reads from when I hear Rahsaan. "We're going somewhere, we're looking for IT, and man, we're not gonna rest until we have it." And I'm really happy to report that IT is here, and there's plenty of it.

Look, I'm putting a lot of myself into this - I don't know that Mr. Bjella has ever even heard Rahsaan Roland Kirk, let alone if it had any sort of influence on the recording of this album. And this is certainly not a free jazz album, but for myself at least, I can't deny what I hear, personally. It's got that free jazz feel, cloaked under a guise of an improvised drone record. The sounds here are amazing, and the dynamics on the record are just crazy, messing with your perceptions every step of the way. One second, the atmosphere is that of the end times, and you feel that whatever IT is, it's not gonna matter much. But the next second, you're soaring, and redeemed. Yup, there it is, and it is glorious. Nihilism and optimism, dread and hope. The bitter end, and the very beginning.

I don't mean to be obscure and cryptic about this record, I'm just writing about it how it comes to me. To be more clear, let's just say it's amazing record of drone, one of the best drone albums I've heard in a long while. And the presentation is nice too, as it's been pressed to two 12"s, and cut at 45 rpm. Features a wonderful poster as well, that communicates more of what's going on on the record.

Get this now from King of the Monsters.


maskofgojira said...

There's enough ITs in this review to put Faith No More to shame.

Gefa said...

Thanks for the heads up on this LP - ordered it, it arrived today, and it is stunning. Beautiful, dark, meditative, everything I could want. Thanks again - never would have heard of this otherwise!