Mournful Congregation, Book of Kings 2xLP

I guess I'm doing DOOM posts tonight. And what better DOOM band than Mournful Congregation? That's a trick question, obviously, because there is none. And few even come close. 20 Buck Spin put out the CD version of these Australian funeral doom masters' latest album The Book of Kings last year, and it has come time to think about the vinyl edition. Ostra Records is already on the project and is now accepting pre-orders for this amazing album, which contains 4 songs and 76 minutes of the most crushing, despondent, soul-shattering doom you will ever hear. It simply does not get better than this.

There was a special wooden-box edition up for sale, but it looks like it has sold out. The Gatefold 2xLP will be plenty special-enough though, considering the music on it. You can order now from Ostra Records - it should be out between now and the end of May.

If you're in the market now for some sick Mournful Congregation vinyl, you don't have to wait. 20 Buck Spin has the 2xLP of The Monad of Creation and the single LP of The Unspoken Hymns collection (that they originally released on CD last year) in stock, and they're shipping now. We all know that doom is tailor-made for vinyl, so there's no fucking around when it comes to Mournful Congregation and wax. Get these here, from one of the best distros in the land.

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