New Cassette Releases from Land of Decay

There are four new cassette releases from Land of Decay that I want to take a second to tell you about, because I really think you'll enjoy all of them. I want what you see above to be the highlight, because I've enjoyed it immensely, and think it's a really important release, both musically and conceptually. It is a drone tape from a now-defunct act called Number None that was active in the Chicago noise scene a few years ago, and that were some of Locrian's earliest supporters. The tape is called Strategies Against Agriculture. Conceptually, the music on this tape explores the anarcho-primitivist ideas of John Zerzan, and the effects that human civilization has had on the natural environment. Musically, the band integrates a variety of instruments, including synthesizers, violin, harmonium, and a wide range of effects pedals to create a droning wall of sound. Indeed, to simply call this drone does no justice to what you'll actually hear, and misses the point entirely. You can hear a sample of this, and be blown away, here.

You may also remember a release from Ithi on Utech Records last year titled The Persistence of Meaning. It was overlooked by a lot of people, but it seriously is one of those albums that everyone should sit down and listen to, and get to know, if just a bit. Ithi is another of those bands that is very difficult to categorize, featuring elements of a variety of different styles of music and expression. Ithi consists of Luke Krnkr (from Servile Sect) and Joshua Convey; if that doesn't mean anything to you, well... it really should. They're two of the most original and intense musicians around, and this tape is something you will definitely want to pick up. It may not make a lot of sense to you at first, but given time, I really think you'll come to love this as much as I do. Excellent work. Land of Decay calls it "intense but entirely listenable" and that's a very fitting description.

The third is a tape of two live performances from the great Wraiths. Expect swirling, hypnotic, ritualized drone that is unlike any other. Wraiths have always been an HSS favorite, so it's really great to see Land of Decay putting out some of their material. Check out a sample below. I would guess that you'll be impressed.

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The fourth release is a doozy, a one-time collaboration from Locrian's Terrence Hannum, The Fortieth Day (which features Isidro Reyes, and Mark Solotroff from Bloodyminded, Anatomy of Habit, and others), and Sshe Retina Stimulants. The theme with this batch of tapes (and from most Land of Decay releases) is the inability to really put any of these artists into any category, and that is indeed the case for this release. Very different from the other releases in this batch, and in fact very different from anything else I can think of. Unsettling, uncomfortable, but ultimately very satisfying. From the Land of Decay site: "The group created these six tracks live using guitar, bass, synthesizers, and vocals. The live recordings were then processed in Milan, Italy by P.NG5361.B. The group uses these instruments to create burned out industrial drones made up of looped feedback, percussion throbs and the sounds of machines dying. Hypnotizing repeating layers tactfully shift into blasts of angular high-pitched mechanical frenzy. There are implicit melodies in the chaos."  Like I said, this is highly unique, and will surely sell out sooner than later, so you need to get on this one quickly. Enjoy a sample below, and by all means, buy this tape.

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All of these tapes are limited, and all are worth your while. The most impressive batch of tapes that Land of Decay has put out in quite some times. Challenging but highly rewarding music across all four of these. Don't miss any of these if you can afford it. You can buy them individually, or as a package (for only $24) from Land of Decay

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